Similarly to SIRP, Asuka is actually Shinji’s youngsters pal and has solid thinking for your

Similarly to SIRP, Asuka is actually Shinji’s youngsters pal and has solid thinking for your

Fluorescent Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Weeks

They usually enter fights and you may Asuka is been shown to be jealous out-of Rei and particularly Kaworu. At one point, Shinji was invited to tackle a great concerto having Kaworu but he chooses to maintain an unwell Asuka as an alternative. Their ideas out of inferiority are managed, and you will she attempts to overcompensate, given that this woman is specifically criminal in the last areas of the fresh new show, however, mellows away at some point. She and you can Shinji sooner understand their feelings and you may declare its attitude for one another, and local hookup Augusta GA by the latest ending was becoming familiar with being one or two.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku

Asuka may be like the woman is portrayed throughout the modern manga and you can consistently teases Shinji. She’s an artificially authored guy, instance Rei and you will Kaworu. She is the only person of your three having had moms and dads or visit school before the girl most recent one to. It is after showed that on one away from this lady earliest assignments, Asuka is forced to kill this lady mom shortly after Angels took palms out of the girl muscles. Even with the girl hatred away from Angels, she nevertheless befriends Kaworu immediately following the guy suggests his true society to her. Instead of other products, she as well as appears to get on better with Rei, that will be visibly troubled whenever Rei are shot by the Gendo. After new show, this woman is revealed probably school alongside Shinji and you can Rei, connecting a routine existence once Gendo’s death therefore the defeat of your Angels.

Petit Eva:

Into the Petit Eva, Asuka is even been shown to be Shinji’s youthfulness buddy, usually getting into fights. She actually is most productive. Regarding the Nintendo DS videogame variation, she together with suggests close interest in your and you will nearly kisses your in advance of being disrupted of the Kensuke filming her or him while the remainder of the shed viewing him or her.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Throughout the 2007 cartoon Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, Asuka, alongside Rei, as well almost every other people letters from other Gainax functions, appear in episode 6, wearing bunny clothing in a great bathhouse. But not, it’s shown by the end of the event that those ladies was instead beastmen when you look at the disguise.

Edge of Crawl-Verse

Asuka produces an excellent cameo looks next to Kaworu, Rei and Shinji regarding the fifth section regarding Marvel’s Edge of Spider-Verse plot, because the friends out-of Peni Parker.


Asuka could be used throughout the player’s charger given that this lady protector into the Ayanami Increasing Venture. Asuka’s endings are as a scientist, manga artist, musician, astronaut, nun, and a lot more. She and Shinji share a beneficial comedic recount of their interactions in this new show into the ANIMATE Voice Cassette. Within the Girlfriend away from Material, Asuka is greatly suspicious out-of Mana being a spy and constantly feels jealous of their advances towards the him. In her finish, she comforts Shinji just after Mana’s passing. Inside Spouse out of Metal dos, Asuka try Shinji’s youthfulness friend. Within her ending, she and you will Shinji sleep with her and then he sneaks into the the lady boat, making for Germany with her. She is a beneficial playable profile when you look at the Competition Orchestra and a lot more.

Profile Cards

Asuka’s Japanese surname arises from the japanese WWII flights carrier Souryuu. The lady German surname arises from the new American flights company Langley, also of WWII, when you find yourself this lady mom’s name refers to the nearly accomplished Nazi Italian language flights provider Graf Zeppelin. The lady first name is inspired by Asuka Saki ( ?? ??? [ ? ] , “Saki Asuka”) , who’s area of the reputation regarding a good Japanese manga “SuperGirl Asuka” ( ?????? [ ? ] , “Cho-Shojo Asuka”) authored by Shinji Wada ( ?? ?? [ ? ] , “Wada Shinji”) . The woman mom’s first name, “Kyoko”, and comes from one manga’s reputation Kyoko Aoi ( ? ??? [ ? ] , “Aoi Kyoko”) . “?? Asu” setting “tomorrow” and you may “?? Kyo” means “today” inside Japanese. [23] [24]

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