The Crescent Education mission is to provide the best of Education to the growing child and all round development of Mind Body and Soul.

Crescent found its existence in 1990, as a brain child of Shilpa Shah who nurtured a dream of crafting a place for little children where they can create their own little world. Since then the school is growing each day in the company of innocent toddlers, beautiful at heart and pure at soul…

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  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • sports
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Craft
  • Special Assemblies
  • Picnics
  • Social Interactions
  • Multi Media
  • All Festival Celebrations
  • Annual Function
  • Various Competitions

Pre primary school being the first school of the child’s life, Crescent aims to make it the best unforgettable experience for the children and to create a positive image of the concept of school in the child’s mind so that they will grow with a beautiful wish in their heart to go to the school every morning and nurture a dream of an enlightened and educated tomorrow.

The over all education and development system is designed on a psychological framework considering that for children below five and a half years, what is important is to understand their psychic needs and accordingly create an atmosphere around them for growth – mental, physical as well as educational.