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It is always wonderful to meet my dearest Crescent students from the past. It always turns out to be a proud moment to see them progress in their lives. Yesterday was one such instance. A dear student Jyotsna Miskeen, now in her 11th grade, knocked at the Crescent door and we walked together on the memory lane. Sharing with you all a beautiful poem that she dedicated to Crescent and childhood, penned by her last night! Thank you dear Jyotsna. The innocent childhood It's all misty and blurr in my memory There's a glimpse of me, delightful and happy. The little swing sets and petite slides There was no concern for wrong or right When the only concern was a tiny scratch on the arm And wrapping up in a hug in our mother's arms. When going to school was so much fun The teacher's, the benches, no pressure on us. Our wishes were of ponies and rainbows and butterflies And impossible dreams in our eyes. But it's sad that my happy past Is somewhere blurred in my memory vault But it's a treasure of a lifetime That I'll cherish in dreams of mine. It's my happy place that I often visit When this growling reality drags me down I go down in my memory lane Unlock the treasures stuffed in my brain And live there until I feel alright And seldom I'm awake in the night Thinking, where did my happy past go!? It's just hiding somewhere, that's all I know... I'll always be a Crescent pre-schooler :) By Jyotsna Miskeen
Red day celebration at Crescent Pre Primary School on 9th Dec. 2015
@ Mangaltirth Party Plot 13th Oct. 2015. Happy Navratri
Republic Day Celebration at Crescent Pre Primary School on 25th Jan 2016
Vasant Panchami Celebration at Crescent Pre Primary School on 12th Feb. 2016
Holi Celebration at Crescent Pre Primary School on 22nd March.
Red day celebration at Crescent Pre Primary School on 22nd June 2016
Crescent Pre Primary School celebrated Navratri on 13th of October, 2015. Check the images. Happy Navratri to all.
Jingle bells...🔔🔔🔔 jingle bell...🔔🔔🔔 Merry Christmas & a very Happy new year to all....