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Pre primary school being the first school of the child’s life, Crescent aims to make it the best unforgettable experience for the children and to create a positive image of the concept of school in the child’s mind so that they will grow with a beautiful wish in their heart to go to the school every morning and nurture a dream of an enlightened and educated tomorrow.
Thank you dear, For sharing your feelings with Crescent Pre Primary School: Good teachers teach, great teachers inspire and the best ones bring out the best in us, alive. A teacher is one, who kindles the spirit, with the magic of her words and the gleam of her smile. Such a teacher is a dream of many, which comes true for a few, as passionate teachers are increasingly becoming a rarity in our times. It is one of the few professions, which provides an opportunity to peep into the minds of young ones, which challenges one to the very core, to come to the level of the recipient and then start a dialogue. The challenge even gets tougher, when one has to deal with a tiny human being, who has just begun the journey of life. Language development is in the formative stage, which bundles up unexpressed emotions and leads to frustrations. At this stage, a child generally communicates with eyes, facial expressions and bodily movements. Ever wondered, what magic a teacher can create, who can speak with her eyes, can give the loveliest facial expressions and top it up all with fun, laughter and merriment? What kind of school will that be, where children are more than happy, in going to it daily? It takes a lot of hard-work, grit and determination to tend such a loving atmosphere of happiness over a long period of twenty five plus years. Isn’t it? During the course of my pre-school hunt, for my daughter, I came to know about this fabulous teacher, Shilpa ma’am. I visited the school, went straight into her office and finalised it, just by meeting her. I was so mesmerised by her warm yet energetic personality, that I considered it futile to pander to other formalities like taking a tour of the school or viewing the facilities. In the hindsight, I was more than delighted by my decision when I saw my daughter happily going to school day after day. I think all the difference comes from the human connect which Shilpa ma’am offers to every kid and to every parent. Every morning and afternoon, one would find her greeting and meeting kids and parents, at the gate and welcoming them with her beautiful smile. Shunning the cosy comforts of AC office, one would always find this principal, on the field, with her students, giggling and laughing. Such energy, joy for life and exuberance comes from a lady who is also a proud grandmother of two. Once I got an opportunity to share a few things with this wonderful lady and I popped out the question that from where she gets such huge loads of un-interrupted energy and she answered with her endearing smile. She said that joy is infectious and who can be more joyful than an innocent kid? So she absorbs a little joy from everyone and radiates it back to the world. What a wonderful thought! A teacher student bond is a two way process. A teacher can also learn from her students. Great teachers don’t treat their students as their disciple, but as their equals. They reprimand less, they reward more. They don’t discourage, but say “let’s do it together”. They don’t break confidence, they bring out the hidden potential of an individual to the fore. In the initial years of life, academics don’t matter so much. They can be learnt later on, in life, but what matters is the attitude that gets built, during these formative years. Research has proven that Emotional development of the child should be given more importance over IQ. Children who can handle emotions better, can handle any problem in life. On the other hand, an academically brilliant student with low EQ can crumble down in the face of day to day problems of life. I can’t thank ma’am enough, for the solid foundation she has laid and will continue to lay for thousands of students, who will be lucky enough to be blessed by the Midas touch of this great human being. It’s true that parting is always painful and so it was, for us as well. It will be difficult to find a new Shilpa ma’am in a formal school set-up but her love and tender care are timeless memories, etched in our hearts. As for myself, I will continue to take inspiration from her radiance and journey, for I am myself a teacher. Himani Jain Hello ma'am. I am Himani. Varrija'a mom. I have written an article featuring you, for MyCityforKids, for a contest. Title is "A teacher, with a difference. Hope you'll like it 🙂 Thanks for everything
Happy to share with you all that Education World has rated our CRESCENT in top 10 pre-primary schools of Ahmedabad! It is with love of dear children at Crescent and parents that we are able to consistently perform well towards a brighter and happier future of our children. Let us together keep walking in this beautiful journey!
It is always wonderful to meet my dearest Crescent students from the past. It always turns out to be a proud moment to see them progress in their lives. Yesterday was one such instance. A dear student Jyotsna Miskeen, now in her 11th grade, knocked at the Crescent door and we walked together on the memory lane. Sharing with you all a beautiful poem that she dedicated to Crescent and childhood, penned by her last night! Thank you dear Jyotsna. The innocent childhood It's all misty and blurr in my memory There's a glimpse of me, delightful and happy. The little swing sets and petite slides There was no concern for wrong or right When the only concern was a tiny scratch on the arm And wrapping up in a hug in our mother's arms. When going to school was so much fun The teacher's, the benches, no pressure on us. Our wishes were of ponies and rainbows and butterflies And impossible dreams in our eyes. But it's sad that my happy past Is somewhere blurred in my memory vault But it's a treasure of a lifetime That I'll cherish in dreams of mine. It's my happy place that I often visit When this growling reality drags me down I go down in my memory lane Unlock the treasures stuffed in my brain And live there until I feel alright And seldom I'm awake in the night Thinking, where did my happy past go!? It's just hiding somewhere, that's all I know... I'll always be a Crescent pre-schooler :) By Jyotsna Miskeen
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The over all education and development system is designed on a psychological framework considering that for children below five and a half years, what is important is to understand their psychic needs and accordingly create an atmosphere around them for growth – mental, physical as well as educational.
Dear children, Hope you are enjoying the vacation to the fullest ! Love you all. Miss you all.
My dear children, Crescent is missing you all! Hope you all are enjoying the holidays. Have lots of fun, lots of smiles! Spend great time with friends and family in doing all what you love to do. Stay healthy, stay safe. We, at Crescent, are waiting to have you all back! See you all soon. Lots of love.
Crescent Pre Primary School is waiting to welcome its children! New year, New beginning! For our Continuing students, school reopens from Thursday 8th Of June, 2017. For our New students, school begins from Thursday 15th of June, 2017. A very warm welcome to all of you.
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